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Nest Thermostat Features

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This thermostat created by Nest and some people mention them as Nest Labs, therefore this product is well known as Nest Labs Thermostat too. I will show you some amazing features of Nest Thermostat below:
This is the original Nest – It’s beautiful, simple to use, can be controlled from your smartphone and works in about 75 percent of homes
Auto-Schedule – Nest remembers the temperatures you like and programs itself
Auto-Away – Nest saves energy by automatically turning itself down when you’re away
Remote control – Connect Nest to Wi-Fi to control it from your smartphone, laptop or tablet
Energy History – See how much energy you’ve used and what affects your energy use most

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Nest Thermostat Description

Until we learned they control about 50% of our home’s energy bill. That’s as much as the refrigerator, lighting, TVs, stereos and computers combined. This is smart choice for you, low od energy and will not broke your pocket. Traditional thermostats tend to waste a lot of energy, mainly heating & cooling your home when no one’s there.
We designed Nest to learn from you. As a result, 99% of Nests have schedules that work with your life. And when life doesn’t go according to schedule, Nest can help these points of your work:

  • Forgot to turn down the thermostat before you left the house? Auto-Away will automatically do it for you.
  • Dreading the summer heat? Airwave cuts down on your cooling costs automatically.
  • Coming home early from a weekend away? Use your phone to turn down the temp on your way.

It’s as simple as this:
You’ll spend on average $30,000 heating and cooling your home over the 20-year life of your system. In that time, the Nest Learning Thermostat, which takes 30 minutes to install and programs itself in a week, can save you $6,000. This is large number of money. You can use $6,000 for your end year vacation with your lovely family.

Nest Thermostat Review

Let us talk about the Nest Thermostat review. Here is customer review by Daniel G. Lebryk about this amazing Thermostat.

This is what thermostats should have been all along, simple, elegant, and they do exactly what I expect.

The lowly thermostat, why in the world would anybody ever pay this price for a new thermostat? Honeywell sells perfectly programmable thermostats for a whole lot less money. In theory, they save money on the energy bill. I did buy Nest Thermostat, I now have a Nest thermostat, and I’d never buy or want to use another thermostat ever again.

October 2, 2012 Update: Nest just announced the second generation of this thermostat and dropped the price of version 1 $20. the new version is said to be compatible with more systems and is thinner. The software is identical between the two versions (all Nests are being updated to the same software version). The case of a good evolution that does not obsolete version 1.

The construction is impressive. The main body is brushed stainless steel. The face is rounded glass that looks like a lens. The face rotates with a pleasing weight and smoothness. The whole device has a nice solid weight to it – this feels like a really well built piece of equipment, worth the price I paid. When lit up, the display center is either black, blue, or red with very sharp white letters and numbers. There is a little green leaf that shows up when the thermostat thinks the temperature is conserving energy. The whole unit is about three inches deep, and it is roughly the diameter of the old round thermostats. Touching this thermostat is a pleasure. That in harsh contrast to the $100 Honeywell programmable thermostats that all felt like cheap garbage plastic.

March 12, 2012 update: After almost two weeks the thermostat has done a great job learning our habits. I set up a program for when I wanted temperatures to do certain things on the first day I installed the thermostat. The first week the thermostat just followed my program exactly. It is now the third Monday after install, I am at home for the day, and the thermostat has now ignored the program and set the house to the normal, 68 degree, temperature. Exactly what I want the thing to do. Simple, without me messing with programs or resetting the thermostat, it just works.

My Nest arrived just before March. Like an idiot, I put off installing it until March of 2012. Now that I’ve done the work, I want to kick myself for not installing it the day it arrived. This is one of the easiest installs of any home improvement equipment I’ve ever done.

I’ve had all manner of thermostats, the simple round mercury containing simple set the temp and that’s it, a really basic programmable box that required some strange switches to get to work, and the latest, a touch screen seven day programmable Honeywell. I spent about a hundred dollars on that Honeywell, and wrestled with that thing for years. I’m the only one in the house that could program the thing and it acted very strange. Out of the box the thing was a problem – I have an old hot water heat furnace and a forced air conditioning system. It took me hours to figure out how to not get the fan to blow whenever the heat was on. The initial set up was super cryptic; it required code numbers at certain points in the set up. And then, once I got the system running, it took hours to program. The darn programs were so hard to edit, simply a pain in the neck, I never changed them after that first set up.

This is how simple the Nest is to set up, kill the power to the furnace (usually an on/off switch on the furnace), remove the old thermostat face plate, tag the wires (the manual includes tags if the wires aren’t’ already labeled), remove the old base plate for the old thermostat, mount the base for the Nest, push the wires into spring clips (they act a lot like speaker spring clips), snap the Next thermostat onto the base, and power up the furnace. That’s it, nothing more complicated than that.

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